Here are our projects which champion aspiration, create empowerment and have pathways through the arts. These projects will include either all or at least two of the following Art, Inclusion, Accessibility and are Digital.

Our new commissions

Posted on May 09, 2016

Full Circle Arts are delighted to announce the following commissions:

Proud and Loud Arts, Theatre Company: An interactive performance exploring difference, disability and stigma.

Justin Edgar, Filmmaker: short film Vincent Mad Gogh (working title)

Simon Raven, Digital Artist: Emoticon Intelligence Agency

Jackie Hagan, Theatre Artist: Solo show exploring austerity and its impact on the vunerable.

Peter Kalu, Filmmaker and SuAndi OBE, poet: The Silent Striker (working title) film, poetry and photography.

Click on the commission links above for more details about each individual project. These pages will be updated as the work progresses.

We would like to thank all the artists who submitted such passionate and exciting ideas to us: it was a very difficult decision.



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