Truth Of Transience

Full Circle Arts is pleased to present a season of original artwork and writing for Digi Commissions that explores ideas around metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis can be a sudden change or gradual process happening on a timescale much longer than our own short lifespan. It involves transformation of form or nature, happening on scales from the minute to the cosmic. It can bring changes that can be felt physically or on a metaphysical level.

This can reflect what it is to practice as an artist. With each mark, each frame, each edit, a process of change is underway. The process from creation to completion involves a gradual transition of its own. Often, this completion is never resolute and instead the work is in flux, is revisited or is part of a bigger picture that is growing and developing.

In some ways our perception of the world around us is constantly changing and we look for ways to understand these changes and bring meaning to the world; art is one way of achieving this.

Over the coming months we will present several new works exploring change. Working with artists and writers from all over the United Kingdom that work in a global context and exhibit across the world. Each of them examining a different aspect or idea to the theme to bring together an exciting programme featuring physical change of the body through performance and costume, re-imagining history and visual identity, looking at the change of the planet through mankind’s activity and inactivity, and seeing how new digital networks are changing the way we create.

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List of Commissions

Within the Engagement Programme we will organise workshops, events and talks that respond to each of the visual art commissions and open them up to a new group of people. Working with renowned artists within community settings, we will make sculptural costumes with disabled children in Bolton, document the unseen side of Manchester through a photography project with homeless people and used stitched drawings to tell Trafford residents stories.