Buildings Behaving Badly

Series of Projection Mapping workshops 2014

Working with Albino Mosquito we ran a series one-off days filled with building structures, filming and projecting.

Participants at Wigan Youth Zone and Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale learnt to use cutting edge Projection Mapping software to literally bring the building to life; capturing footage and shaping the projections onto parts of the building.

At Wigan Youth Zone the group imagined that the building had a character and used multiple projections to give cupboards, doors and stairways a personality.

At Touchstones Gallery we teamed up with M6 Theatre to make a short film playing with how projection mapping can be used, telling a story about a crazed clone going haywire.

Visit Wigan Youth Zone’s You Tube channel to see a great film about the workshops.

You can also see films from the workshops on our own You Tube channel