A Collection of Stories

We hope to build up a collection of stories from our participants, collaborators and colleagues past and present to form a legacy on this website.

Monique has got in touch to share her experience of working with us for 15 years.

” Full Circle Arts has been part of my life from the age of 14 yrs old. I should have been 16 to be on the project but, it was one of the best projects I had ever been on. I knew that an arts company that recreated the intro to Reservoir Dogs is definitely a company that’s outside the box when it comes to art and disabled people. No more art projects for disabled people where you are more or less sticking glitter and pasta on card.

I’ve had an incredible time and experience with FCA including the joint projects with other organisations. They have helped me in a huge way by having me on the Young Artists programme. Being part of the Young Artists helped me build my confidence and start my jewellery business.

It’s been great to be involved with them for over 15 years and I owe them a huge THANK YOU!!!”

Lisa Simpson, the Director of Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance, has been in touch with her story: 

“Back in 2009 when I wanted to pursue a career teaching people how to use the Simpson Board, an inexpensive but priceless choreography tool, which enables disabled people with non or limited verbal communication to choreograph their own piece of work.  I had Personal Development Planning sessions run by Full Circle Arts. It was an extremely in-valuable service for disabled artists. It helped me to break down my goals etc so I could pin point exactly what I needed to do in order to achieve them. Not only that, the sessions were really beneficial for me as a way to take time out and reflect on my practice.

After the series of sessions, I was offered a mentor through Full Circle Arts and I found this so constructive as it followed on from the PDP sessions making my career path relative easy to go down.

If Full Circle Arts have not had the funding to offer these sessions I would not have been where I am now, a director of Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance; teaching people how to use the Simpson Board.”   

Martin Chadwick | Creative Director & Owner

“My experience of full circle arts has always been a positive one. I run my own design agency but also run graffiti classes for inner-city kids within the Manchester area. I always feel that I should try and give back to the community the best I can, when I can. I would generally use your website to look over what work is available and what is currently going on in the local NW area.”

If you’d like to share your experience with us please email enquiries@fullcirclearts.co.uk Get in touch if you have a funny memory from a project or a story about how working with FCA led on to bigger better things.