100% Funding Cut

You may not be aware that we’ve had our Arts Council England funding cut 100%.

We’re a small non-profit, we serve thousands of readers, along with supporting people from both the arts and disabled communities, and the removal of this funding has a huge impact on our services, including this website, our newsletter and our projects.

We are collecting positive stories from the young people we’ve work with, organisations that we’ve delivered training to and artists that we’ve collaborated with.

We hope to publish these stories to form part of a legacy on the FCA website.

It doesn’t have to be word perfect, or a long piece of writing. It can be a funny memory from a project or a sentence about how we offered mentoring or a job we helped you get.

If you have anything you’d like to include please enquiries@fullcirclearts.co.uk

Tele: 0161 818 6631



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