FCA is pleased to offer Theatre Of The Senses a Training Bursary


Full Circle Arts is pleased to announce that they have offered ten bursaries of a maximum of £1000 to emerging disabled artists or disabled led arts groups. Here Shaun O’Brian tells us a bit about himself, the Theatre of The Senses and what the bursary will be used for:

Photo of the whole Theatre of the Senses group

“I have been volunteering for Theatre of the Senses for four years and have helped with the development and philosophy of the group. Theatre of the Senses has been my life line to restart my training, career and given me and other marginalised adults a social network. 

The bursaries will give me new hope to my aspirations to develop my skills has an artist within small-scale community touring theatre. 

It will help to raise my profile and give me a strong foundation to rebuild my career and will empower me. I will start to deliver some freelance hours on training workshops which will include warm ups, movement preparation, improvisation, scripted and group work to explore freedom of imagination and experience of performing. It will allow me and the group to develop leadership on the project.

The issues explored in the sessions, will be shaped and produced over a period of six months of the project to build a Performance. The following six months of the project will be spent building and developing a piece of theatre to the point where it is ready to be performed.”

Watch this space for progress updates!