This is our blog.

Here you will find news about our work and links to other creative activism around Disability and Deaf arts. 

FCA Commission – ‘Emoticon Intelligence Agency’ – Simon Raven

I will devise a series of public performances that combine specially made 'emoticon' costumes with enigmatic messages that have to be decoded

FCA Commission – Jackie Hagan

Jackie Hagan has been working with marginalised adults for 10 years and has watched the affect of austerity on their mental health.

FCA Commission – Peter Kalu, Filmmaker and SuAndi OBE, poet: The Silent Striker (working title)

The Silent Striker: (What A Piece Of Work Is Man) is a suite of works – including film, poetry and monologue, which celebrates football culture

FCA Commission – Proud and Loud Arts, Theatre Company

We are responding to The Manchester Evening News report, earlier this year, of a 140% rise in reported hate crime incidents against disabled people.

FCA Commission – Justin Edgar, Filmmaker: short film Vincent Mad Gogh (working title)

Shot in a documentary style and virtually dialogue-less with a wry sense of humour, we follow Vincent

Not Dead Yet

In April of this year 2015 we lost all our revenue funding. Sadly we have had to make some tough decisions.
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