Fability Update – 20th August
A massive thanks to all that came and took part in the Fability project workshop at Fab Lab Manchester on Saturday.

We idea generated, screened and developed them and are looking forward to turning them into reality.

A photo of James leading a workshop at fab lab


Look out for a full write up of the session next week.


Fability Update – July 13
Would you like to get involved? We are looking for creative, innovative individuals, irrespective of disability, who are up for getting involved by either sharing ideas or getting involved with making these ideas a reality!

The next group meeting will be 17th August where we will be reviewing the ideas so far and maybe generating a few more. The session starts at 11am and finishes about 3pm. Some lunch will be provided.

If you would like to attend please email chris@fullcirclearts.co.uk and put Fability in the subject line, or phone 07853957554 or 07939244722.

If you have an idea but can’t come along just send an email to info@fullcirclearts.co.uk – we would love to hear from you.

As a guide to idea suitability – It should be relevant and repeatable throughout the Fab Lab World Network, and built on a budget using locally sourced materials.

About  Full Circle Arts
Full Circle Arts are a user led arts organisation who work on inclusive and participatory projects mainly in the landscape of digital and emerging technologies.

About Fab Lab
Fab Labs – digital fabrication laboratories – were set up to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes by giving them access to a range of advanced digital manufacturing technology.

At the heart of Fab Lab Manchester is digital manufacturing technology, combining 2D and 3D design with the latest fabrication technology. Embracing a broad spectrum of methods ranging from CNC machining to 3D printing, it can produce a single unique product from a digital design in a matter of minutes and at a very low cost in comparison to traditional tooling methods.

UPDATE: 5th Feb
Stage 1 took place at Fab Lab with a great turn out of people looking to to become ‘ambassadors’ of the project.

Here are some photo’s taken from the day:

FCA logo laser cut out of plywood


Photo 1: The FCA logo cut from plywood using a laser cutter

pyramid egg cup holder made from plywood using a laser cutter


Photo 2: The ambassador’s were split into groups and were asked to design and make an egg cup holder using some of the equipment available at Fab Lab. Above is the egg cup holder made by Chris’s group. It is 30cm’s high, pyramid shaped, made from plywood with the FCA logo cut into each side using the laser cutter. The egg cup has a light inside it, the image below shows the light more clearly.

pyramid egg cup holder with a light inside it



levitating egg cup made from plywood cut with a laser cutter

Photo 4: A levitating egg cup holder that one team produced.


image of emily working on the pyramid egg cup holder

Photo 5: Emily assembling Chris’s team’s egg cup.

Watch this space for more updates!


Full Circle Arts is teaming up with FabLab Manchester to develop and create something new.

fab lab logo


Fab Lab’s logo

Fancy playing around with cutting edge technology like 3D printers and laser cutters? Want to make a brand new product to benefit you and your communities?

Here’s the plan.


  • To define and work together on appropriate projects which can be designed and made in FabLab Manchester.
  • Ideal projects would be focused on ‘disability’.
  • Built on a budget using locally available materials.
  • Relevant and repeatable throughout the FabLab World network.

Stage 1 (2nd Feb.)
An initial session will assemble interested individuals from both organisations to orientate and call for project proposals. These interested individuals will be known as ‘ambassadors’. The purpose of the initial session is to make this ‘ambassador’ group aware of FabLab’s capabilities so that they can go and enthuse their networks to participate in the project.

Stage 2 (March)
A second session will assemble the ‘ambassadors’ to shortlist and select successful projects.

Stage 3 (Aug – Sept)
The third stage of the collaboration is to actually make the projects over the next 2 months following Stage 2. The makers will be drawn from FabLab volunteers and Full Circle Arts’ connections.

Who we’re looking for.
What would make a good Ambassador? Anyone with a love of making, hacking, designing or tinkering. Or anyone who works with disabled people or disability groups who would like to enthuse them to take part in the project by putting forward project ideas. We’re aiming to develop the sort of projects where a simple, easy-to-replicate design problem can be solved through the power of collaborative working and with the resources of a FabLab, which can provide a cheap and replicable solution to a real need.

If you would like to see the facilities available for this project (as well as the Worldwide network of collaborators through FabLabs around the world), here’s a link to FabLab Manchester: http://www.fablabmanchester.org/p2/Equipment.html

Stage 1 in scheduled to take place on Saturday 2nd February.

If you’d like to get involved or know someone who would, please get in touch with Mari by Friday 25th January.

We have a small pot of funds to cover expenses for those who want to become part of our ‘ambassador’ group.


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