There are 2 part-time staff and several associated artists. We love our jobs and the people we work with. Because we’re small often we finish up doing a bit of everything, but broadly speaking this is the stuff each of us does.


Kathryn Worthington – Operations and Finance (part-time) @kathrynalina

Kathryn is our Operations and Finance person, she works two days a week managing all the backroom bits and pieces so FCA’s projects can run smoothly and all the budgets add up! The rest of the week she divides her time between running around after her little boy and sitting down with her university books as she is studying to be a solicitor.  kathrynw @

Danny Start – Marketing and Communications @DanielStart

What do you need to know about Danny? Well, he’s been involved in the arts and disability arts for some time. He’s an all-round arts lover and when not loving the arts he creates plays and scripts for stage and screen.  His favourite word is ‘pie’, he loves good wine and beer (hence the chins), and he’s yet to master ironing a shirt.  Danny works 10hrs a week doing social media, maintaining the website as well as writing the newsletter. danny @ 


Associate Artists

Louisa Hammond @hammolou

Louisa Hammond is an artist based in Manchester and studied Visual Arts at the University of Salford. More recently Louisa’s practice has focused on mental health illness and in particular the unfair stigma it receives. Louisa’s artwork provides her with a means to reconnect with and maintain a sense of positive wellbeing. Whilst outwardly, she aims to communicate to others and share thoughts about her life experiences in a creative way. Louisa has been involved in delivering and assisting workshops at a variety of settings, including Culture Shots Festival, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery and Start Manchester Mental Health and Wellbeing Trust. Louisa is passionate about the link between wellbeing and creativity; she is currently an Associate Artist at Full Circle Arts working on developing projects based around the barriers faced by disabled people. 

Gemma Nash – bio to follow! @Gemma_Nash

Lizzie Atherton @elizabeth_ath

Lizzie studied Embroidery in Manchester, graduating in 2011. Since then she has been getting involved in art projects across the North West. She set up the collective MidConversation (you should check them out!) while doing project management work for Full Circle Arts and other charities. 

Lizzie essentially likes making and organising things!

Andrew Lim

Andrew is the Webmaster for the Full Circle Arts website, he has experience of working in the arts and developing bespoke web applications. He is interested in the creative aspects of technology and has developed an interest in developing systems to support the creative output. Andrew is also a Visual Artist and likes making things in his studio.

Michele Taylor 

Michèle would really like to be Julie Walters. Until that happens, she is a trainer, coach and facilitator who supports people and organisations in their Quest for Development. Her focus to date has been especially on training arts organisations in all things disability and inclusion related. She’s worked professionally in the theatre and can still be found performing stand-up as one half of ‘Bitter and Twisted’. She, too, is partial to a bit of Photoshop and loves taking photos, fencing (the En Garde! kind) and learning to play her new cajon.

Stuart Childs @sc_r

Stuart first met Chrissy at the Art of Digital conference series and has been working with Full Circle on and off since 2009. With a background in theatre, taking things apart and a passion for understanding how things work, he is involved in spreading the word about FCA’s lovely people and what we all get up to. When not working with FCA he can be found making things in his workshop, hanging out at events and conferences or rolling around on his skateboard enjoying the sun.

Board Members

James Peacefull (Chair)

Monique Jarrett

Gillian Taylor

Gil Taylor

Chris Hammond

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