Digi Commissions – Pilot Project

UPDATE Oct 2013

You can also read interviews with each of the artists talking about their work, the process, outcomes and how being involved in the commissions influenced their work.


Kristina Veasey and Simon Wood – Cleaner Required

Donna Richardson – Mindscape

Aidan Moseby – Tales Across Time Zones


UPDATE July 2013 

Congratulations to:-

Donna Richardson

Aidan Moesby

Kristina Veasey and Simon Wood 

All of whom have been awarded the commissions.

The work will be available to view through our website soon!

Watch this space!


UPDATE April 2013

We’ve had a great response to the brief and would  like to thank everyone who has sent in their application for this years DigiCommission.

We will get back to you by 10th April to let you know if you’ve been successful.


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It’s soon to be the 1st birthday of Full Circle Arts’ new website and we are looking to give out up to 4 commissions for artwork that engages with digital technologies and is fully accessible. The selected work/s will be commissioned to be on our website.

In particular we are looking for original works on any theme, but which show:-

  • That digital creative accessibility solutions can produce more interesting work for everyone, whether they have specific access needs or not
  • That technology provides excellent tools for solving access to art in its focus on connectivity and joining people up
  • That making something more accessible doesn’t have to be expensive.

The works could include, but are not limited to, short film, soundscape, multi-media, animation, written word, interactive, on-line installation, conceptual. We don’t want to limit your imagination. We will be looking for new and creative work that examines the criteria above.

Each Commission will be up to 1,000 GBP and will include all expenses, time and materials. They will be paid 75% on award of the commission and 25% on completion.

We are open to applications from individuals or groups, amateur or professional

You should note that these are digital commission proposals, it is not a project application.

The form for applying is a short 2 sides of A4 and is downloadable here DigiCommission 2013 Application Form

Deadline for application is 17.00 GMT on Monday 25 March, 2013.