Full Circle Arts Ceased Trading on 31st March 2017

After 29 years of working with and for disabled and Deaf people in the North West we are sad to announce the closure of Full Circle Arts. Unfortunately following successive funding cuts it’s simply no longer viable for us to continue.

We are proud to have supported the arts sector to be more accessible, not just by changing buildings physically, but by challenging people’s attitudes. We brought disability rights to the attention of cultural leaders.

We have worked with many young people over the years. It has been a pleasure to see them grow and develop their own cultural organisations; using the experiences and mentoring provided by FCA. We’d like to thank all the wonderful artists, young people, and organisations we have worked with to make this all possible. We applaud the current focus on diversity in the sector and hope that the North West continues to pave the way for inclusivity within the arts.

The Trustees of Full Circle Arts