FCA Commission – Justin Edgar, Filmmaker: short film Vincent Mad Gogh (working title)

Full Circle Arts is delighted to announce the following commission:

Justin Edgar, Filmmaker: short film Vincent Mad Gogh (working title)

Image of justin edgar on set weaing headphones round his neck

Shot in a documentary style and virtually dialogue-less with a wry sense of humour, we follow Vincent resurrected in the wheatfield where he shot himself. He discovers the posthumous impact of his work. However this Van Gogh is not the pious martyr to his art that the myth would have us believe, but a shameless and shrewd egoist. In Arles he revels in the images of his work everywhere and€“ reproductions in public places  and  graffiti.  He sees everything from the Foundation Vincent Van Gogh to stalls selling fridge magnets. At first he enjoys what he regards as a bizarre waking dream, an indulgence of his subconscious ego. However in a cafe terrace he eavesdrops on someone watching a video on their ipad of Portrait of Dr Gachet selling for $82.5 million and is furious. Despite his ego, Van Gogh hated art as commerce and upon realising the obscene commodities his works have become he overturns a stall selling tourist trinkets – a sane reaction to an insane world. He then shoots himself again rather than deal with the bizarre world he has woken up in.