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FCA is Pleased to Offer Angela S a Training Bursary

Posted on Sep 27, 2016

Full Circle Arts was pleased to offer Angela S a learning bursary of £500

Here Angela tells us how the bursary has been used and what her plan for the future is..

“Thanks to the Trustees at Full Circle Arts, I was awarded a bursary to cover the costs of classes at Leeds College of Art in Watercolour, Bookbinding, Chinese Brushwork and Cyanotypes.

My plan is to produce home made children’s books. I don’t know if it’ll make my fortune, but in the short term at least, my nieces and nephew will be very happy.

A photo showing the corner of an illustrated childrens book - it hs children reading on the front of it. Pencils are to the left of the frame. The book and pencils are placed on top of a circle coloured in red, blue, yellow and green. within the circle there is an hexagon also coloured in the primary colours

I’ve had to rethink my life (again!). This time thanks to genetics and several chronic illnesses. Joy.
Making books has been on my list for a while (nearly 30 years in fact) but I always do get round to things eventually.

I have a background in filmmaking and have written all my life, so the key components are there. I’ve even started writing several books for grown ups.

New chapter in my life.
Skills in place.
Welcome the future….”

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