FCA Commission – Peter Kalu and SuAndi OBE: The Silent Striker

Posted on Sep 07, 2016

September 2016 Update

Full Circle Arts is proud to present The Silent Striker Peter Kalu and SuAndi OBE.  

The ‘Silent Striker’ was commissioned by Full Circle Arts in 2016.

The ‘Silent Striker’: (What A Piece Of Work Is Man) is a suite of works commissioned by Full Circle Arts – including film, poetry and monologue.

You can watch the finished Silent Striker films here

You can read the poetry here

You can listen and read the monologues here 

You can also read the blog on this page…..



August – September Blog Update

It’s in the can and that’s Clive our video artist though I don’t why he has his hands on his head surely not in despair because Brain our lead actor did a marvellous job portraying the lead character.

a man in the distance being filmed facing a camera. In the foreground is the back of man's head, he is wearing headphones and filming the actor

But what’s this, Pete’s seems to be losing control. Don’t worry folk they are only acting

a man is holding another man shoulder looking very angry

It is naive to think that once all the filming is over then everything is plain sailing. The reality is editing isn’t as simple as just shouting “cut” Cut”. But we are, as they say in dramas, “on the case”!

Meanwhile, Christina who generously agreed to be the project intern has been busy about Manchester taking a collection of images that reflect the diversity of Black people. Showing the diversity within disability and how the black disabled lens shapes art and interprets the world is one aspect we want to profile alongside the main topic of deafness.

Meanwhile I have been looking around for a tiara for the film premiere but Pete doesn’t seem to be too happy with the idea.


18th June – July 2016 – Update

Silent Striker 

There’s a lot of discussing before any film goes into the can and we always work in the African tradition as you can see Pete and Clive Hunte (Film and Digital Artist) hard at work as I take the minutes (and serve the food)

photo of pete and clive working in a garden

But on a more serious level there needs to be a lot of discussion because as Peter and I are discovering no idea is set in stone. While the original idea remains how we achieve it is by varying degrees of diversification. The more we investigate and brains storm the better the end result will be Eventually we move from talking to action which means filming it is very technical.

technical diagram of showing where actors will be placed in relation to cameras


the image of two men talking with their backs to the camera, the one nearest has Marcus on the back on his blue hoodie




18th June 2016 – Update

Silent Striker 

image of Pete & suAndi celebrating the commisson

Pete & SuAndi celebrate being awarded the commission.

First meeting with Clive Hunte our most valuable team member as we are reliant on him to realise our vision digitally.
The main part of the discussion is cast members. We already have the main actor and now need to settle on someone to portray him as a youth and the manager. SuAndi makes a suggestion that is agreed upon.

Allocated Tasks
Pete to approach youth actor
SuAndi to contact disability schools for crowd scenes
Clive to research digital media

SuAndi has secured the support of a football legend we are not naming who he is until the film is in the can so-to-speak
Clive purchases new digital media programs.
Pete works on the fourth edit of the script.
Location options are discussed
You can see from the picture we are hard at work

16th May 2016

Full Circle Arts is delighted to announce the following commission:

Film, poetry and photography.

The Silent Striker: (What A Piece Of Work Is Man) is a suite of works – including film, poetry and monologue. It celebrates football culture, Shakespeare’s “What A Piece of Work Is Man” paean to human individuality, ingenuity and diversity. While interrogating exclusions at the intersection of disability and race.

Digital illustration of a teenage boy wearing red headphones. He has his hands in his pocket and a foot on a ball

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